About Me


I lead global product marketing for Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Data & Audiences group, which includes DMP, Data Studio, Social Studio, and Advertising Studio.  I have spent my career working in digital media and leading sales, marketing, and business development efforts, most recently as head of marketing for Krux (acquired by Salesforce in November 2016),  and, less recently, for companies that include Bionic Advertising Systems (co-founder), Nielsen, Reviewed.com (Gannett), TRAFFIQ, and Looksmart.

I am a columnist for industry publications including Econsultancy and AdExchanger, and a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events.

My scholarly efforts have been focused on understanding the new paradigm in digital marketing and helping daily practitioners unpack the complicated landscape. To that end I have written Best Practices in Digital Display Media (Econsultancy, March 2012),  Best Practices in Data Management  (2012),  Programmatic Marketing: Beyond RPaneling_OHaraTB (2013),  The New Mobile Display Ecosystem (2014),  Programmatic Branding (2015), and The Role of the Agency in Data Management (June 2016).

On the non-business side, I am also the author of 6 best-selling books including Great American Beer, and Hot Toddies, the classic holiday cocktail book from Random House. I also am also working on a new business title about how enterprise marketers and media companies are leveraging people data to grow their businesses.

My latest book is called “Data Driven” (McGraw Hill Business) and looks at the transformation of marketing around data, drawing on my experience working with some of the world’s largest marketers. It won the prestigious Axiom 2019 Silver Medal for best Business Technology book.

I hope you enjoy the content on this blog, and let me know if I can help you in any way.




  1. Hi Chris,

    My name is Terry, one of the producers for the radio show “Middays with Michelle Dawn Mooney”. We did some research last night trying to find an email address to contact you directly, but were unable to find one…hopefully this will get to you in time. Michelle saw that you have written a “Hot Toddies” book and wanted to see if you might be able to call in to the show tomorrow (9/30) in honor of National Mulled Cider day to tell our listeners more about your book as we head into the autumn months. We do have a slot that we are holding for 2:40pm, if your schedule allows.

    Just to give you some background on the show…”Middays” airs M-F from 1-3pm locally in the Atlantic City area and streams online at middayswithmichelle.com and WPG1450.com, which is owned by Townsquare Media (3rd largest radio station owner in the country). Prior to starting her own show, Michelle was the longtime lead anchor for the area’s NBC affiliate and has a strong local following, as well as a social media presence of more than 10,000. After 15 years of presenting hard news, she designed the show with the premise of highlighting what’s right in the world as opposed to everything that’s going wrong.

    Please let us know if this is something of interest, as we would love to have you on the show!


    Terry Donahue
    Segment Producer


  2. Hello. I enjoyed reading your blog. Do you have any recommendations for third party POS/syndicated data vendors. Nielsen and IRI are getting more and more ridiculous as the years progress with their fees for reports and I’m finally fed up. I’m looking for a 3rd party resource. Any recommendations? Thanks


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